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Student-Designed Bots Take to the Pool

A SeaPerch bot prepares to enter the course.  


GISD SeaPerch students from 12 campuses competed on Friday, March 27 to earn a spot in the international SeaPerch competition in June. The winner, Benold 404 Not Found team, will advance, along with wild-card application, GHS Axolotls, to international competition.

International Qualifier - Benold 404 Not Found

International Qualifier (wild card) - Georgetown High School Axolotls

The goal of the competition was to complete an obstacle and mission course with their Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and pick up and move sunken and floating trash. The teams also had to complete other various tasks, like unarming a mine. Students began building their ROVs early in the school year and have been testing their work in preparation for competition since January/February.

Students compete in the SeaPerch competition

The students were also interviewed by Navy judges and had to submit a technical design report for review.

Congratulations to the GISD competition winners!

Technical Design Report: 

  • Elementary - Village Puffer Fish 
  • Middle School - Benold People 
  • High School - GHS Axolotls 

Mission Course: 

Middle School - Benold 404 Not Found 

High School - TIE 

  • GHS Axolotls
  • GHS Minnows 
  • RHS Chitons 

Speed Course: 

Elementary - Village Ocean Janitors

Obstacle Course: 

  • Elementary - Village Ocean Janitors
  • Middle School - Benold 404 Not Found 
  • High School - RHS Chitons 

Overall Winners: 


  • 1st - Village Ocean Janitors
  • 2nd - Village Puffer Fish 
  • 3rd - Purl Pumas 

Middle School - 

  • 1st - Benold 404 Not Found 
  • 2nd - Benold People 
  • 3rd - Benold Duck Puppy

High School 

  • 1st - GHS Axolotls
  • 2nd - RHS Chitons
  • 3rd - GHS Minnows 

What is SeaPerch?

SeaPerch is an underwater robotics program. Students and teachers are equipped with the resources they need to learn about basic science and engineering concepts, tool safety, technical applications, problem-solving and teamwork skills in an exciting and hands-on way.

When is the International Competition?

To ensure safety and equity across the entire community, the 2021 International SeaPerch Challenge event will be hosted 100% virtually with no in-person event on June 4-5. International Challenge teams will participate in 2 required events, 2 optional events to choose from and a special giving back activity.