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Georgetown ISD Wins 2021 TAEA District of Distinction Award

The Texas Art Education Association announced the winners of the 2021 District of Distinction Award, an honor that recognizes school districts that are leading the way in visual arts. Out of the 1,100 districts eligible to apply, only 40 districts received the distinction. For the second year in a row, Georgetown ISD was among the list of honorees. 

It is not an effortless task to receive the District of Distinction award, as there are many rigorous requirements each school district must meet. Districts must maintain a presence on social media, participate in a variety of events and competitions, and promote visual art events through advocacy articles. Another requirement that districts must meet for the District of Distinction award is that art teachers within the district must be members of TAEA, and Georgetown ISD is committed to ensuring that happens. 

“There is a cost teachers must pay to join the TAEA, and Georgetown ISD is dedicated to covering that cost. It is not just a requirement for the distinction, but it is an investment in the professional development of our art teachers,” Director of Fine Arts, Carol Watson, said. 

Georgetown ISD art students have access to a multitude of opportunities inside the classroom, but it does not stop there. One of the activities that the TAEA requires districts to participate in is community service. One of the most powerful community service projects Fine Arts students contributed to is the mural project in downtown Georgetown.

“Getting our students involved in community service really speaks to the mission of Georgetown ISD,” Watson said. “It is a great way to enhance the overall student experience.”

Georgetown ISD Fine Arts has cultivated an engaging and opportunistic environment for art students, and that shows in the numbers. There are more students enrolled in art than any other Fine Arts subject in Georgetown ISD. This fact is not surprising considering the uniquely deep appreciation for art that is so alive within the Georgetown community. 

“Our students and teachers have already been doing such amazing things in the community, and it feels great to be affirmed with this distinction,” Watson said. “It is the result of every teacher and member of GISD Fine Arts contributing in some way.”

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