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GISD Superintendent Sits for First Official Haircut by Cosmetology Student

On September 19th of 2019, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at East View High School to celebrate the opening of a new cosmetology program within the Georgetown ISD Career and Technical Education program. The purpose of the cosmetology program is to give students the opportunity to earn certification in the field of cosmetology and have the ability to jumpstart their careers soon after high school graduation. 

“The cosmetology program gives students the freedom to choose their educational path,” Georgetown ISD Cosmetology Instructor Hollie Jones said. “There’s definitely a significant impact when students start building a connection to their careers early on.”

Students must complete 1,000 hours of cosmetology courses during their four years of high school in order to receive their certification. Because of the amount of hours needed to complete the program, students must be freshmen when they begin the cosmetology courses. The applications are open to students from East View High School, Georgetown High School, and Richarte. 

“One of my favorite things about this program is that it is not exclusive to one group,” Jones said. “An opportunity like this should be open to all of our high schools.”

One of the most incredible aspects of the cosmetology program is the financial benefits for the students. Currently, the average cost of cosmetology school is a whopping $20,000. The only cost that GISD cosmetology students pay is a $425 fee for a cosmetology kit that they receive their junior year. The kit contains everything that one might need to go on and become a hairstylist. Any student who is unable to pay for their kit may qualify for scholarships through the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. Currently 76 students are enrolled in the program. The collective value of this program upon graduation for these 76 students is equal to $1.5 million. 

“It’s a privilege to be able to do this in high school, especially for the students that don't have the means to afford cosmetology school,” Georgetown HS senior cosmetology student Riley Daly said. “The only thing we spend money on is our kit that comes with scissors, mannequin heads, and everything else a hairstylist needs.”

Soon after the opening, the cosmetology program faced the effects of COVID-19. The class requires hands-on participation and in-person instruction in order to be the most beneficial, and that was not possible with remote learning. But despite these challenges, students were still eager to embrace the curriculum. 

“The only ones that had to come to class at the beginning of COVID-19 were my senior level students, and the rest had the online option which was quite challenging,” Jones said. “But even my remote students attended class every day because they wanted to keep learning”. 

By the end of 2020, cosmetology students were learning how to cut hair. As the students mastered the art of haircutting, Jones had an idea. What if the salon were to open to the public? 


Program Prepares to Open Salon to the Public in January, Just Three Years After Its Debut

 The GISD cosmetology students are still getting a feel for their haircutting techniques, but they are well on their way to opening the salon to the public in January of 2022. To give the community a preview of what a visit to the GISD salon will look like, the cosmetology program gave their first official haircut to the Superintendent of GISD Dr. Fred Brent. Georgetown HS senior Kyrsten Adams volunteered to give the haircut. 

 “I was slightly nervous to cut our superintendent's hair,” Adams said. “But I’ve always wanted to go to cosmetology school, and this was a great opportunity for me on this journey.”


More information about the salon opening to the public is to come. 


To view photos from Dr. Brent’s haircut, visit


The GISD cosmetology program would find a new home at the future ready complex proposed in the 2021 GISD bond. For more information on how the bond would impact cosmetology and other CTE programs, visit