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Staff Spotlight: Delta Jolly

Officer Delta Jolly arrives to work every day expecting the unexpected. Her title at Georgetown High School (GHS) is Criminal Justice Instructor, but the job comes with much more than one would think. 

After a fulfilling 10-year career at the Georgetown Police Department, Officer Jolly decided it was time to pass her knowledge along to the next generation of potential law enforcement workers.

“Outside of teaching Criminal Justice in the classroom, I am a sponsor for the Criminal Justice Club and a Junior Varsity Cheer coach. Between all of that, I help facilitate the hallways, which is quite a lot of work,” Officer Jolly said.

Before Officer Jolly began her teaching career at GHS in 2021, she was an adjunct professor at Austin Community College (ACC) for almost four years. Her time as a college professor is not entirely behind her, as she will be going back to ACC one night a week in the Spring of 2022 while she teaches at GHS during the day. 

“I would definitely consider myself a busy body,” Officer Jolly said. “I don’t know when to stop, and I have been like this my entire life.”

Officer Jolly attended Lyndon B. Johnson High School in Austin where she was President of the Math Club, a member of the cheer team, dance team, basketball team, track team, Rite of Passage program, Future Teachers and Future Business Leaders, National Honors Society, and a science lab assistant. 

“I wanted to be involved in everything in high school,” Officer Jolly said, “not because it was a requirement, but because I didn’t want to get bored.”

The desire for activity and excitement definitely carried over into adulthood for Officer Jolly. Before teaching, she spent her time at the Georgetown Police Department as both a dispatcher and a Sworn Peace Officer. Her years of experience in law enforcement make for an enlightening educational environment for the students that enter her classroom. 

“I want to show my students as many opportunities as I can by exposing them to all the fields in law enforcement,” Officer Jolly said. “Most of the time, my students come in thinking there’s only careers in the police department or the Sheriff’s office, but it definitely encompasses many more areas.”

Officer Jolly stays connected to the Georgetown Police Department through volunteer work. During the holiday season, Officer Jolly handles donation boxes for Blue Santa, a program of the Georgetown Police Department that provides toys to more than 1,500 children in Georgetown during its annual toy drive and distribution. 

Officer Jolly always brings her volunteer buddy along for the ride; her 12-year-old daughter, Peyten. 

“I want Peyten to understand what it means to give back and volunteer,” Officer Jolly said. “She’s at the age now where she understands that some of my students are ones that will probably receive gifts from Blue Santa.” 

“Peyten is creating personal connections to people that are in need,” Officer Jolly said. “The value of helping others is something I have tried to instill in her, and she definitely has it.”


Officer Jolly, The Author

“Something my students have recently learned about me is that I wrote and published a book in 2020,” Officer Jolly said. 

Officer Jolly Earns Her Badge is a children’s book that tells of Officer Jolly’s journey to becoming a police officer. 

“There was a time in my life when I was going through many rough patches, and a friend of mine advised me to sit down and write it all out on paper,” Officer Jolly said. “It resulted in a children’s book filled with an abundance of life lessons.”

As soon as Officer Jolly’s students caught wind that she is an author, they begged her for a story time. 

“I think it's very humbling that my high school students are this excited about a children’s book,” Officer Jolly said. “Even my seniors are acknowledging it, and that just shows how sweet these kids are.”