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GISD Liberty Battalion Competes at Nationals After Winning State

This feature was updated on April 6.

GISD Liberty Battalion Competes at Nationals

After placing first overall at State in March, GISD Liberty Battalion NJROTC had an awesome experience at Navy Nationals in Pensacola, Florida on April 1-2. 

Overall, at NJROTC Nationals (Academic, Athletic & Drill Championship) , Liberty Battalion came in 16 out of 27 teams. This is an outstanding accomplishment for a first-time unit, with excellent results and execution of performances by all members.

Congratulations to Chief James Bowman's Unarmed Exhibition team which took the 2nd Place Trophy only after three tie-breakers (it's the first time in history that it took that many tie-breakers). 

Chief Charles Gooseby's Athletic Teams did an outstanding job in physical fitness and took the 5th Place Trophy in the Relay Run.

Both trophies are winners across all the State of Texas and the Nation.

We are GISD proud of these cadets and their incredible year of accomplishments.

GISD Liberty Battalion Takes First Place at State Field Meet

On March 4-5, 2022, GISD Liberty Battalion NJROTC competed at the Area Ten State Field Meet in College Station. GISD Liberty Battalion did not disappoint, sweeping up first place in almost every category. 

2022 Area 10 State Final Awards:

Personnel Inspection: 3rd - Faith Family; 2nd - John Marshall; 1st - Georgetown ISD 

1600 Yard Relay: 3rd - Los Fresnos; 2nd - Stony Point; 1st - Georgetown ISD

Overall Physical Fitness: 3rd - Flour Bluff; 2nd - Smithson Valley; 1st - Georgetown ISD

Armed Drill Basic: 3rd - Flour Bluff; 2nd - Rockport Fulton; 1st - Georgetown ISD

Armed Drill Exhibition: 3rd - Rockport Fulton; 2nd - Flour Bluff; 1st - Georgetown ISD

Unarmed Drill Exhibition: 3rd - Rockport Fulton; 2nd - Georgetown ISD; 1st - San Benito

Color Guard (Male): 3rd - Stony Point; 2nd - John Marshall; 1st - Georgetown ISD

Academics Trophy: 3rd - Smithson Valley; 2nd - Georgeotwn ISD; 1st - Flour Bluff

Overall State Finals Meet: 1st Place - Georgetown ISD

Following this momentous achievement, GISD Liberty Battalion NJROTC will represent Area Ten at NJROTC Nationals in Pensacola, Florida in April. 

Congratulations cadets!