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National Principals Month: Thank you, Principals!

We love our principals! Shoutout to these amazing men and women who dedicate themselves to bettering the world of education and inspiring our students to learn and grow:

Tosha Vanmetre, Carver ES
Tish Ptomey, Cooper ES
Meredith Gandy, Ford ES
Tamra Marbibi, Frost ES
Emily Fraser, McCoy ES
Hollee Braun, Mitchell ES
Mindy Choate, Purl ES
Rebecca Lambert, Village ES
Jessica Marek, Williams ES
Jacob Donnell, Wolf Ranch ES
Alfonso Longoria, East View HS
Brian Johnson, Georgetown HS
Rob Dyer, Richarte HS
Brandon Jayroe, Benold MS
Justin Del Bosque, Forbes MS
Jennifer Guidry, Tippit MS
Danielle Holloway, Wagner MS
Stephanie House, GAP
Tara Stewart, STEP