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Forbes Students Install Second GISD Mural Downtown


On April 14, 2022, Forbes students began the installation of a mural designed by Forbes eighth grader, Kelsie Cargill.

This is the second mural installation on the wall of 101 E. Seventh St., home to Tejas Meat Supply, following the  "Everyone Deserves Kindness" mural  by a GHS student in 2021. 

"This wall of murals is very much about the connection between GISD and the Georgetown community," Forbes Fine Arts teacher Cynthia Urban said. "It will be exciting to watch the story unfold as more murals are added over time."

Cargill's design showcases a grey background with pops of vibrant colors in poppy flowers all along the bottom of the mural. In the middle of the mural are the words, "Be your own person".

"I wanted the colors and words to pop out against the grey background so that the emphasis is on the beauty of the flowers and the message," Cargill said.

The prompt for this art project asked students to design a mural that ties into the message of "Everyone deserves kindness."

"I felt that the message about being your own person means expressing your individuality and encouraging people to accept each other for who they are, which speaks to kindness," Cargill said. 

"This mural is really an ode to the diversity and unique individuals that make up Forbes," Urban said. "It's something that embraces everyone in the community."

"This is one of my biggest accomplishments as an artist, and I'm glad I can contribute to the community this way," Cargill said.