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GISD Liberty Battalion Completed Annual Military Inspection

The Liberty Battalion Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) underwent its onsite Annual Military Inspection (AMI) on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, led by Area 10 Navy Commander Michael Hale. 

While the AMI is held each year, a Navy Commander conducts an onsite visit as the head inspector. Additionally, local recruiters from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps assisted the inspection.

“We will receive the final report in two weeks,” Captain Craig Anthony said. “We’ve received the Distinguished honor for eight years in a row, and I’m confident we will receive the same honor this year.”

Captain Craig Anthony is the NJROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor at East View High School. He was commissioned through the Naval ROTC program and oversees Liberty Battalion. The AMI is one of the most important events of the year for Liberty Battalion.

The AMI is an all-day event and the nine platoons within Liberty Battalion were evaluated in several areas. They were graded on appearance and academics, platoon drills, and Pass In Review. Each platoon represents a class period.

“In addition to the overall performance report [of the AMI], additional awards are given throughout the event,” Captain Anthony said. “The AMI, on top of everything else, is a head-to-head competition between each of the platoons.”

The Area Manager selects an Honor Platoon after the competition and the Honor Platoon for this year is Golf Platoon. Golf Platoon is Commanded by Cadet Ensign Maria Vasquez and Cadet Senior Chief Madisyn Kawell. 

The Bravo Zulu awards were also presented to platoon cadets during the AMI.

Bravo Zulu is a Navy accolade bestowed upon someone who has done an outstanding job. The Battalion received the Bravo Zulu award for its overall performance during the graded portions of the AMI. These areas include: 

  • Personnel inspection (uniforms and cadet knowledge)
  • Platoon Drill
  • Ceremonial Program 
  • Senior Staff Briefing to the Area Manager 
  • A full inspection of all administration and supply records and reports as presented by the cadets

Nine cadets received Bravo Zulu medals during the ceremony, one cadet per platoon. They were selected based on their performance during the personnel inspection and drill phase of the AMI. These were the top cadets from each platoon:

  • Cadet Nicolas Liveris
  • Cadet Joseph Ferrell
  • Cadet Sarah Herrera
  • Cadet Taylor McCullum
  • Cadet Joshua Saft
  • Cadet Kailee Ortiz
  • Cadet Krystin Burhans
  • Cadet Matthew Zenisek
  • Cadet Kevin Qualls

“These students exceeded my expectations; they knew general orders and they came well-prepared,” Captain Anthony said. “I’m so proud of their performance.”

While over 200 students applied, there are only 164 cadets are currently in the program. 

“As the program grows, we are very selective in who will wear the uniform for Georgetown ISD,” Captain Anthony said.

Liberty Battalion is now in its varsity competitive season and has already qualified for the State Championship to be held in February 2020 at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. The cadets have already completed 2,000 hours of community service in the Georgetown community and have an additional 4,000 hours scheduled for the rest of this school year. 

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Check out photos from the event.