Things are Happening!

Posted by Lindsay Harris on 3/29/2017

It’s been a busy few weeks for Wagner Middle School! (I know that I have said it before, but it’s true … we’ve got a lot going on!)

Since the last post, we have added some INCREDIBLE people to our team. I sincerely mean it when I say that the Wagner Team is composed of people that are the very best at what they do. Each applicant pool we met with about a position had talented people from across the district and state -- Wagner kids are lucky to have these talented professionals interested in serving them each day!

  • We officially added some teachers from across Georgetown ISD to the Wagner Team right before Spring Break! We are thrilled that this group is joining the Wolfpack, and we know that they will each create amazing opportunities for our students and will be important contributors to our campus culture.
    • Kristal Adams
    • Sofie Coronado
    • Stacy Dalton
    • Crystal Decker
    • Jarred Dorhauer
    • Phylis Gage
    • Jennifer Houston
    • Lauren Johnson
    • Rebecca Lambert
    • Kimberly Pauley
    • Michael Sinclair
    • Cindy Travis
  • We welcome Amy Heil to the Wagner Team as our Librarian! Amy is joining our team from her current Librarian role at Mitchell Elementary. We are excited about her leadership in: the use of MakerSpaces, supporting student and teacher needs as they use resources to bring their ideas to life, and making the Wagner Library the center of learning and innovation for our school.
  • We also welcome Wayne Poehls and Haley Schulz as our Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Coordinators! Both Coach Poehls and Coach Schulz come to Wagner from other districts in the state and they bring many experiences coaching Varsity sports, building relationships and creating superior programs. Wagner athletes and parents will love working with these two leaders.
  • One last teammate to join us recently is Jeff Owen, who will serve as our Director of Bands at Wagner. Jeff is highly regarded in Central Texas for his energy, relationships with students, and leadership of successful programs. His vision for the Wagner Band program is perfectly aligned to our vision of success, relationships and opportunity for each band student.

In other exciting news … we have a Cheerleading Squad! Congratulations to the very first Wagner Middle School Cheerleaders! I am excited about meeting with the girls and their parents next week and am thankful for their willingness to devote extra time and a lot of hard work to spread Wagner Spirit.

I can’t conclude a blog post without a picture of the Wagner construction site. This picture was taken March 20 and there is already significant progress since then, so be looking for more pictures later this week after I tour the site Thursday!


This aerial photo shows how large the Wagner worksite is! The recessed area in the middle of the building facing the front parking lot is the front entrance of the campus. To the right of the front door is the 6th grade Den (first floor) and the Art classrooms (second floor). To the left of the front door (that doesn’t have a roof in the picture) is the 7th & 8th grade STEM Den (first floor) and Humanities Den (second floor). The area on the right with the white roof is the gyms and athletics facilities and the area on the left with the white roof is the Fine Arts wing. Also … you can see where our track and field are going to be by the large oval at the top of the picture!


Until Next Time,


Lindsay Harris

Principal, Wagner Middle School