A Lot of Firsts. And A Lot of Great.

Posted by Lindsay Harris on 10/19/2017

A Lot of Firsts. And A Lot of Great.



It has been a long time since I have posted, and A LOT of things have happened since I last posted … really important and exciting things (like THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER for Wagner Middle School!) and I am going to break them up into a few posts over the coming days.

As you can imagine for the first nine weeks of a brand new campus, there have been many firsts. We had our first Camp Wagner, our first Schedule Pick-Up Nights and our first day of school. We have had our first assembly, our first football game, our first band concert, our first volleyball game, our first video announcements, our first cross country meet, and our first Student Council meeting. Each “first” is a celebration, and makes us feel more like the real school we are and not just the school we have all been planning for since 2015! It will be a year full of firsts for us, for sure -- actually, two years of firsts because we will get to enjoy a lot of new moments when we have 8th graders on campus.

Front Doors

Students entered our temporary location at Williams as Wagner Wolves for the first time ever when they attended Camp Wagner in August.



Team Wagner, on the eve of our first day of school!



One of our Wagner Wolves on his first day of school!



First PE class in our new PE uniforms!


Cross Country

First Wagner Athletic Event .. Cross Country Meet!


And, while we love celebrating all those cool “firsts”, I’m especially proud of all the great things that are happening in the midst of us all those new moments. Those new times are special, but what’s even more special are the relationships being built in our building and the quality learning that is taking place each and every day. It only takes walking a Wagner hallway or stepping into a Wagner classroom to see that students are collaborating, creating, working independently, making decisions about their own learning, and connecting new information to their own lives or to other classes. It’s why we are here, why our new building was designed, and why we planned and worked so hard all last year.



It is not uncommon to see students working or classes meeting outside of their four classroom walls. All spaces can be used for learning!



This picture shows some of the hard work and coordination our Science, Math, ELAR & Social Studies teachers put into designing our first interdisciplinary lesson -- the Eclipse!



This is a group of students giving some classmates a “cell tour” … the students used the school as an analogy for a cell and identified how different parts of the school represented various organelles in a cell. Here, we are learning how the cafeteria is much like the Golgi Apparatus and the Cafeteria Staff are like ribosomes! (Ask a 7th grader and they should be able to tell you why!)



Our Art students have been working on observational drawings.


 Art Interview

Our Art students had the opportunity to participate in a video conference with a famous street artist!


 I have so much more to share about the great things happening on our campus, and I will be back soon to do it!


Until Next Time,


Lindsay Harris

Principal, Wagner Middle School