Teacher of the Month May 2020

Posted by GISD Communications on 5/31/2020 1:00:00 AM

Elementary School

Carver Elementary 

 Carver May TOTM Radames Rivera Colon  

Cooper Elementary

 Cooper TOTM May Stacy Crawford


Ford Elementary

 Ford TOTM May Amy Supak

Frost Elementary

Frost TOTM May Denise Mozingo  

McCoy Elementary 
 McCoy TOTM May Brett Davis

Mitchell Elementary School

Mitchell TOTM May Melanie Griffin  

Pickett Elementary
 Pickett TOTM May Mark Kearney

Purl Elementary

Purl TOTM May Tia Devoll  

Village Elementary

 Village TOTM May Katy Hausenfluke

Secondary Schools

Benold Middle School

 Benold TOTM May Kristine Powers



East View High School

EVHS TOTM May Mary Baugh    

Forbes Middle School

Forbes TOTM MAY Kimberly Goodwin  

Georgetown High School

 GHS TOTM May Marie Beth Mallard

Richarte High School

Richarte HS TOTM May Perry Seigle   

Tippit Middle School

Tippit TOTM May Blain Sanderson

Wagner Middle School

 Wagner TOTM May Jenn Frank