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Organizational Position on Leadership

An effective leader in Georgetown ISD has a personal commitment and connection to the vision, mission, and beliefs of our district. An effective leader lives in self-awareness of their own strengths and constraints and is in pursuit of closing those gaps with new learning and growth. An effective leader in GISD is committed to truth and is brave enough to do the right thing for those they serve and those they lead. Effective leaders are committed to focusing on the future, maintaining direction, and acting strategically as they influence others, the organization, and its work.

  • An effective leader is: honest, committed, reflective, driven, a learner, self-aware
  • An effective leader possesses: clarity of their own personal mission, principles, sense of purpose, a desire to invest in people, organizational commitment, integrity
  • An effective leader behaves in a manner that: shows empathy, is in service to others, inspires, models vulnerability, motivates and influences others, communicates openness, is intentional