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    We're proud to recognize a Teacher of the Month from each campus within the district. The teachers who are recognized are commended for their teaching excellence and commitment to Georgetown ISD's vision, mission, and beliefs. Each month, campuses select a teacher to recognize for their hard work and dedication to our students. 

    Check out our monthly teachers of the month below for pictures and more information on our star teachers.



  • Teacher of the Month October 2020

    Posted by Community Relations on 11/19/2020

    Elementary School

    Carver Elementary 

    Amanda Del Conte

    Amanda Del Conte-Carver Elementary   

    Cooper Elementary

    Taylor Immel

     Taylor Immel-Cooper Elementary

    Ford Elementary

    Lori Kelley 

    Lori Kelley - Ford Elementary  

    Frost Elementary

    Krystal Dominguez

     Krysttal Dominguez - Frost Elementary


    McCoy Elementary 

    Tiffani Dobbs

    Tiffani Dobbs - McCoy Elementary  


    Mitchell Elementary School

    Stephanie Tank

    Stephanie Tank - Mitchell Elementary


    Wolf Ranch Elementary

    Abbey Pickel

    Abbey Pickel - Wolf Ranch Elementary

    Purl Elementary

    Patricia Harrison

    Patricia Harrison - Purl Elementary


    Village Elementary

    Melissa Northcutt

    Melissa Northcutt-Village Elementary


    Williams Elementary

     Kerri Gibson

     Kerri Gibson - Williams Elementary

    Secondary Schools

    Benold Middle School

    Krystal Rackley

    Krystal Rackley - Benold Middle School


    East View High School

    Tamara Scholz

    Tamara Scholz-East View High School  


    Forbes Middle School

    Veronica Rende

    Veronica Rende - Forbes Middle School


    Georgetown Alternative Program

    Aldo Maldonado

    Aldo Maldonado-GAP  


    Georgetown High School

    Grace Lisenby

     Grace Lisenby - Georgetown High School ac


    Richarte High School

    Brady McBride

     Brady McBride-Richarte HS


    Tippit Middle School

    Tori Krider

    Tori Krider-Tippit middle school  

    Wagner Middle School

    Audra Hood

    Audra Hood-Wagner middle school  

    Williamson County JJAEP/CORE

    Dee Martin

    Dee Martin - Williamson County Juvenile Services  Education

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